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Solahart Brisbane West & Ipswich: Installers of Solar Panels, Solar Hot Water & Battery Systems

We supply and install solar panels, solar hot water systems and battery storage systems.

We’ve got Brisbane’s western suburbs & the Ipswich region covered.

We’re locally based but draw upon the experience of Solahart has gained in over 60 years designing innovative, efficient and durable solar products for Australia.

Our installers are highly trained technically and with safety in mind to ensure your new solar panels, solar hot water or battery storage system and the entire experience exceed your expectations.

We install only the best, highest quality systems including our own Solahart products which are designed and built to our strict standards to suit the harsh Australian climate. We also supply and install products from Tesla, ABB, LG and SolarEdge.

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New Solahart Silhouette
Solar Power Panels

We are now offering residents of Brisbane West and Ipswich our new Solahart Silhouette Solar Panels. Their stylish, all black appearance is designed to complement contemporary roofing designs while advanced cell technology and superior ‘low-light’ and ‘high-heat’ performances result in a consistently high yield. These panels are the perfect choice for homes in Ipswich and Brisbane.

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Solahart Silhouette Solar Power Panels from Solahart Brisbane West & Ipswich

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